[Bugs] [Bug 1785094] rename dir1 to another existing dir2 cause dir1 glusterfa link file deleted

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Fri Dec 20 07:52:25 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from zhou lin <zz.sh.cynthia at gmail.com> ---
This problem is permanent. From my investigation, for both glusterfs3.12.15 and
glusterfs7.0 the root cause seems to be the posix_rename of glusterfsd side
firstly unlink the glusterfs link (in posix_handle_unset) and then it fails in 
 sys_rename(since the target already exists), then it does not restore the
glusterfs link( file link 1d6febd3-875c-4879-a370-c4828e0052c3 in
.glusterfs/1d/6f directory). I think the correct practice should be either
restore the deleted  glusterfs link file after sys_rename fail or change to
firstly call sys_rename then delete the glusterfs link( I test this and seems
with my code change this problem is gone). 
   I would like your opinion on this issue, this issue is permanent, you can
try in your own env. Thanks!

following is the reproduce steps:
1>      Mkdir dir1 dir2
2>      Touch some files in both dir1 and dir2
3>      Rename dir1 dir2 *  //this will fail with “rename: dir1: rename to dir2
failed: Directory not empty”
4>      Check the glusterfs link file in
.glusterfs/xx/xx/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx this file will disappear
5>      Ls dir1 when dht is enabled in glusterfs3.12 ls command fails to show 
dir1 contents

enclosed is my test patch, with my patch there is no such issue.

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