[Bugs] [Bug 1781003] Gluster: Unable to add bricks to volume/ is already part of a volume/ Transport End point is not connected.

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--- Comment #4 from Karthik U S <ksubrahm at redhat.com> ---
Hi Akshay,

According to the glusterd log it is failing to add brick because the brick is
already part of a volume.

[2019-12-06 10:34:47.035961] E [MSGID: 106451]
[glusterd-utils.c:7705:glusterd_is_path_in_use] 0-management:
/mnt/glusterfs/bricks/clusterfs is already part of a volume [File exists]

You will get this error if the brick you are trying to add to the volume is
already has either the xattr "trusted.gfid" or "trusted.glusterfs.volume-id" is
present on the root of the brick. Looks like the brick is not formatted
properly before adding it to the volume again. Can you try formatting the brick
in step 6 and clear any gluster specific xattrs on the brick (use "getfattr -d
-m . -e hex <brick-path>" to get the xattrs) and the ".glusterfs" directory
inside it and try adding them?


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