[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] Different glusterfs clients's data not consistent.

Vijay Bellur vbellur at redhat.com
Mon Mar 18 21:02:00 UTC 2019

On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 1:21 PM 快乐 <994506334 at qq.com> wrote:

> Three node: node1, node2, node3
> Steps:
> 1. gluster volume create volume_test node1:/brick1
> 2. gluster volume set volume_test cluster.server-quorum-ratio 51
> 3. gluster volume set volume_test cluster.server-quorum-type  server
> 4. On node1, mount -t glusterfs node1:/volume_test /mnt.
> 5. On node2, mount -t glusterfs node2:/volume_test /mnt.
> 6. On node1, killall glusterd
> 7. On node2, gluster volume add-brick volume_test node2:/brick2
> 8. On node2. mkdir /mnt/test
> 8. touch /mnt/test/file1 on two nodes.
> On node1, found /brick1/file1. But on node2, also found /brick2/file1.

Can you please check the output of stat on file1 in both the bricks?
There's a good likelihood that one of them is a link file [1].

> I don't want to set cluster.server-quorum-ratio to 100.
> Cound you help me to solve this porblem?

If it is a link file, a volume rebalance operation might provide the
behavior you are looking for.


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