[Gluster-users] Understand Geo Replication of a big Gluster

Milind Changire mchangir at redhat.com
Thu Jun 14 14:26:26 UTC 2018

Hello Axel,
A warm welcome to you and happy to see you board the Gluster ship.

geo-replication requires two clusters: one master cluster which is the
source cluster and the second cluster called the slave cluster which is the
destination cluster

Just as you have created a primary/master cluster, you need to create
another cluster out of the backup servers in whatever configuration (volume
type) you want to create. The volume type of the slave cluster need not be
the same as the master cluster.

Once you've created the slave cluster, you can then use geo-replication
commands to create a communication channel between the two clusters so that
the sources from the master cluster are replicated to the slave cluster and
to keep pushing any updates to the slave cluster.

Hope this helps.

On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 6:23 PM, Axel Gruber <axel at agm.de> wrote:

> Hello
> Im new on GlusterFS - so a warm hello to everyone here...
> Im testing GlusterFS since some Weeks in different configurations for a
> big Media Storage
> Currently for start we plan a distributed / Replicated Gluster with for
> Nodes (4x70Tb)
> I tryed this within a Test Area on differenzt Virtual Machines - works
> fine.
> But for security Reason we also plan Geo Replication of the Whole Gluster.
> I have read Doc  - but one thing i dont understand:
> For example our Start Gluster has 4 Nodes (4x70TB  Replicated and
> Distributed) i have 140TB Capacity.
> So when i want to Geo Replicate this Volume i dont have a sigle Server
> wich is able to store 140GB (or later more) - but i can have several Backup
> Servers with a total Sice of 140TB
> So my Question
> How can i say Gluster FS in Geo Replication to use all of this Backup
> Servers to GEO REplicate the whole Storage using all Backup Server.
> Best Regards
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