[Gluster-users] Understand Geo Replication of a big Gluster

Axel Gruber axel at agm.de
Thu Jun 14 13:55:49 UTC 2018

Hello (i dont know the right name - sorry)

Thanks for fast Reply !

Now i understand it - so i build a Gluster System on the other side with
enough Capacity then i arrange a Geo Replication between this 2 Gluster

A other Question regarding this issue:

In documentation i allways see SSH to use for Connection between the both
Gluster Setups.

In my case its also possible to build a VPN between sides so can i also use
direct IP Connection trough a S2S Vpn ?

Best regards

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2018-06-14 15:47 GMT+02:00 Kotresh Hiremath Ravishankar <khiremat at redhat.com

> Hi Axel,
> You don't need single server with 140 TB capacity for replication. The
> slave (backup) is also a gluster volume similar to master volume.
> So create  the slave (backup) gluster volume with 4 or more nodes to meet
> the capacity of master and setup geo-rep between these two volumes.
> Geo-replication is between two gluster volumes and not between gluster
> volume and single node.
> Thanks,
> Kotresh HR
> On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 6:23 PM, Axel Gruber <axel at agm.de> wrote:
>> Hello
>> Im new on GlusterFS - so a warm hello to everyone here...
>> Im testing GlusterFS since some Weeks in different configurations for a
>> big Media Storage
>> Currently for start we plan a distributed / Replicated Gluster with for
>> Nodes (4x70Tb)
>> I tryed this within a Test Area on differenzt Virtual Machines - works
>> fine.
>> But for security Reason we also plan Geo Replication of the Whole
>> Gluster. I have read Doc  - but one thing i dont understand:
>> For example our Start Gluster has 4 Nodes (4x70TB  Replicated and
>> Distributed) i have 140TB Capacity.
>> So when i want to Geo Replicate this Volume i dont have a sigle Server
>> wich is able to store 140GB (or later more) - but i can have several Backup
>> Servers with a total Sice of 140TB
>> So my Question
>> How can i say Gluster FS in Geo Replication to use all of this Backup
>> Servers to GEO REplicate the whole Storage using all Backup Server.
>> Best Regards
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> Kotresh H R
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