[Gluster-users] Re-adding an existing brick to a volume

Vlad Kopylov vladkopy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 21:25:58 UTC 2018

Do something like this after reconnecting the brick without attrs and
.glusterfs to those
  sudo find . -path ./.glusterfs -prune -o -exec stat 'MUNTPATH/{}' \;
if runs stat for each filename in the brick through mountpoint,
excluding .glusterfs folder

On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 3:16 PM, Mitja Mihelič <mitja.mihelic at arnes.si> wrote:
> Let me see if I understand this.
> Remove attrs from the brick and delete the .glusterfs folder. Data stays in
> place. Add the brick to the volume.
> Since most of the data is the same as on the actual volume it does not need
> to be synced, and the heal operation finishes much faster.
> Do I have this right?
> Kind regards,
> Mitja
> On 25/02/2018 17:02, Vlad Kopylov wrote:
>> .gluster and attr already in that folder so it would not connect it as a
>> brick
>> I don't think there is option to "reconnect brick back"
>> what I did many times - delete .gluster and reset attr on the folder,
>> connect the brick and then update those attr. with stat
>> commands example here
>> http://lists.gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-users/2018-January/033352.html
>> Vlad
>> On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 4:37 AM, Mitja Mihelič <mitja.mihelic at arnes.si>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I am running a replica 3 volume. On server2 I wanted to move the brick to
>>> a
>>> new disk.
>>> I removed the brick from the volume:
>>> gluster volume remove-brick VOLUME rep 2
>>> server2:/gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick force
>>> I unmounted the old brick and mounted the new disk to the same location.
>>> I added the empty new brick to the volume:
>>> gluster volume add-brick VOLUME rep 3
>>> server2:/gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick
>>> There is about 2TB of data on the volume and they are all small files,
>>> photos and documents. The whole heal process is rather slow. In 10 hours
>>> only 120GB was copied to the new brick.
>>> I remove the new brick:
>>> gluster volume remove-brick VOLUME rep 2
>>> server2:/gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick force
>>> I remounted the old brick in its place. Now I would like to re-add the
>>> existing old brick back to the volume, so I have a replica 3 again.
>>> But the add operation fails with:
>>> volume add-brick: failed: /gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick is already part of
>>> a
>>> volume
>>> How can I re-add this brick back to the volume, and how save is it? Can I
>>> use force to add it?
>>> There has been little to no data change on the volume since the old brick
>>> was removed in the first place.
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Mitja
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