[Gluster-users] Re-adding an existing brick to a volume

Mitja Mihelič mitja.mihelic at arnes.si
Sun Feb 25 20:16:18 UTC 2018

Let me see if I understand this.
Remove attrs from the brick and delete the .glusterfs folder. Data stays 
in place. Add the brick to the volume.
Since most of the data is the same as on the actual volume it does not 
need to be synced, and the heal operation finishes much faster.
Do I have this right?

Kind regards,

On 25/02/2018 17:02, Vlad Kopylov wrote:
> .gluster and attr already in that folder so it would not connect it as a brick
> I don't think there is option to "reconnect brick back"
> what I did many times - delete .gluster and reset attr on the folder,
> connect the brick and then update those attr. with stat
> commands example here
> http://lists.gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-users/2018-January/033352.html
> Vlad
> On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 4:37 AM, Mitja Mihelič <mitja.mihelic at arnes.si> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I am running a replica 3 volume. On server2 I wanted to move the brick to a
>> new disk.
>> I removed the brick from the volume:
>> gluster volume remove-brick VOLUME rep 2
>> server2:/gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick force
>> I unmounted the old brick and mounted the new disk to the same location.
>> I added the empty new brick to the volume:
>> gluster volume add-brick VOLUME rep 3 server2:/gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick
>> There is about 2TB of data on the volume and they are all small files,
>> photos and documents. The whole heal process is rather slow. In 10 hours
>> only 120GB was copied to the new brick.
>> I remove the new brick:
>> gluster volume remove-brick VOLUME rep 2
>> server2:/gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick force
>> I remounted the old brick in its place. Now I would like to re-add the
>> existing old brick back to the volume, so I have a replica 3 again.
>> But the add operation fails with:
>> volume add-brick: failed: /gluster/VOLUME/brick0/brick is already part of a
>> volume
>> How can I re-add this brick back to the volume, and how save is it? Can I
>> use force to add it?
>> There has been little to no data change on the volume since the old brick
>> was removed in the first place.
>> Kind regards,
>> Mitja
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