[Gluster-users] Are there any issues connecting a Gluster client v3.7.6 to a Gluster server v3.5.6?

Serkan Çoban cobanserkan at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 20:35:12 UTC 2018

Old clients can talk to new server but it is not recommended to use
newer clients with old server.

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 10:42 PM, Maya Estalilla
<mayae at occasionbrands.com> wrote:
> We have been running several Gluster servers using version 3.5.6 for some
> time now without issue. We also have several clients running version 3.5.2
> without issue. But as soon as we added more clients running version 3.7.6,
> we've been running into problems where one directory with hundreds of
> thousands of images just hangs and is unresponsive. Are there any
> incompatibility issues in this scenario?
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