[Gluster-users] Convert to Shard - Setting Guidance

Kevin Lemonnier lemonnierk at ulrar.net
Fri Jan 20 14:31:48 UTC 2017

> data-self-heal-algorithm full

There was a bug in the default algo, at least for VM hosting,
not that long ago. Not sure if it was fixed but I know we were
told here to use full instead, I'm guessing that's why he's using it too.

> If your images easily fit within the bricks, why do you need sharding in
> the first place? It adds an extra layer of complexity & removes the cool
> feature of having entire files on each brick, making DR & things a lot
> easier.

Because healing a VM disk without sharding freezes it for the duration of the heal,
possibly hours depending on the size. That's just not acceptable. Unless that's
related to the bug in the heal algo and it's been fixed ? Not sure

Kevin Lemonnier
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