[Gluster-users] Convert to Shard - Setting Guidance

Gambit15 dougti+gluster at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 15:11:59 UTC 2017

> > data-self-heal-algorithm full
> There was a bug in the default algo, at least for VM hosting,
> not that long ago. Not sure if it was fixed but I know we were
> told here to use full instead, I'm guessing that's why he's using it too.

Huh, not heard of that. Do you have any useful links I could read up on? My
GoogleFu only returned a few posts from 5 years ago...

> > If your images easily fit within the bricks, why do you need sharding in
> > the first place? It adds an extra layer of complexity & removes the cool
> > feature of having entire files on each brick, making DR & things a lot
> > easier.
> Because healing a VM disk without sharding freezes it for the duration of
> the heal,
> possibly hours depending on the size. That's just not acceptable. Unless
> that's
> related to the bug in the heal algo and it's been fixed ? Not sure

I've only been using Gluster since 3.7, last year, but I've not had any of
those issues. Looking back, it's had granular locking & healing for a good
many versions now.

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