[Gluster-users] CentOS Storage SIG Repo for 3.8 is behind 3 versions (3.8.5). Is it still being used and can I help?

Daryl lee daryllee at ece.ucsb.edu
Fri Jan 13 00:18:25 UTC 2017

Hey Gluster Community, 

According to the community packages list I get the impression that 3.8 would
be released to the CentOS Storage SIG Repo, but this seems to have stopped
with 3.8.5 and 3.9 is still missing all together.   However, 3.7 is still
being updated and is at 3.7.8 so I am confused why the other two versions
have stopped.  


I did some looking on the past posts to this list and found a conversation
about 3.9 on the CentOS repo last year but it looks like it's still not up
yet; possibly due to a lack of community involvement in the testing and
reporting back to whoever the maintainer is (which we don't know yet)?   I
might be in a position to help since I have a test environment that mirrors
my production environment setup that I would use for testing the patch
anyways, I might as well provide some good to the community..   At this
point I know to do " yum install --enablerepo=centos-gluster38-test
glusterfs-server" but I'm not sure who to tell if it works or not, and what
kind of info they are looking for.    If someone wanted to give me a little
guidance that would be awesome, especially if it will save me from having to
switch to manually downloading packages.   


I guess the basic question is do we expect releases to resume for 3.8 on the
CentOS Storage SIG repo or should I be looking to move to manual patching
for 3.8.  Additionally, if the person who does the releases to the CentOS
Storage SIG is waiting for someone to tell them it looks fine,  who should I
contact to do so?







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