[Gluster-users] Cannot start Gluster -- resolve brick failed in restore

shacky shacky83 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 08:08:46 UTC 2015

I have a GlusterFS cluster running on a Debian Wheezy with GlusterFS
3.6.2, with one volume on all three bricks (web1, web2, web3).
All was working good until I changed the IP addresses of bricks,
because after then only the GlusterFS daemon on web1 is starting well,
and the deamons on web2 and web3 are exiting with these errors:

[2015-06-08 07:59:15.929330] I [MSGID: 100030]
[glusterfsd.c:2018:main] 0-/usr/sbin/glusterd: Started running
/usr/sbin/glusterd version 3.6.2 (args: /usr/sbin/glusterd -p
[2015-06-08 07:59:15.932417] I [glusterd.c:1214:init] 0-management:
Maximum allowed open file descriptors set to 65536
[2015-06-08 07:59:15.932482] I [glusterd.c:1259:init] 0-management:
Using /var/lib/glusterd as working directory
[2015-06-08 07:59:15.933772] W [rdma.c:4221:__gf_rdma_ctx_create]
0-rpc-transport/rdma: rdma_cm event channel creation failed (No such
[2015-06-08 07:59:15.933815] E [rdma.c:4519:init] 0-rdma.management:
Failed to initialize IB Device
[2015-06-08 07:59:15.933838] E
[rpc-transport.c:333:rpc_transport_load] 0-rpc-transport: 'rdma'
initialization failed
[2015-06-08 07:59:15.933887] W [rpcsvc.c:1524:rpcsvc_transport_create]
0-rpc-service: cannot create listener, initing the transport failed
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.354500] I
[glusterd-store.c:2043:glusterd_restore_op_version] 0-glusterd:
retrieved op-version: 30600
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.527377] I
0-management: connect returned 0
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.527446] I
0-management: connect returned 0
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.527499] I
[rpc-clnt.c:969:rpc_clnt_connection_init] 0-management: setting
frame-timeout to 600
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.528139] I
[rpc-clnt.c:969:rpc_clnt_connection_init] 0-management: setting
frame-timeout to 600
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.528861] E
[glusterd-store.c:4244:glusterd_resolve_all_bricks] 0-glusterd:
resolve brick failed in restore
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.528891] E [xlator.c:425:xlator_init]
0-management: Initialization of volume 'management' failed, review
your volfile again
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.528906] E [graph.c:322:glusterfs_graph_init]
0-management: initializing translator failed
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.528917] E [graph.c:525:glusterfs_graph_activate]
0-graph: init failed
[2015-06-08 07:59:17.529257] W [glusterfsd.c:1194:cleanup_and_exit]
(--> 0-: received signum (0), shutting down

Please note that bricks name are setted in /etc/hosts and all of them
are resolving well with the new IP addresses, so I cannot find out
where the problem is.

Could you help me please?

Thank you very much!

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