[Gluster-users] volume create failed

Joe Julian joe at julianfamily.org
Fri Dec 27 01:55:05 UTC 2013

On 12/26/2013 02:24 PM, William Kwan wrote:
> Hi all,
> Running 3.4.1 on Centos6.
> I have this issue, I created two xfs filesystem on each of two hosts
> onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick1
> onode2:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick2
> onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick1
> onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick2
> The first volume was created successfully
> # gluster volume create kvm1 replica 2 transport tcp 
> onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick1 onode2:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick2
> When I attempt to create the second volume, I got
> # gluster volume create kvm2 replica 2 transport tcp 
> onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick1 onode2:/data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick2
> volume create: kvm2: failed: /data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick1 or a prefix 
> of it is already part of a volume
> I'm not sure I follow what the error means.  The 2nd set of 
> filesystems have to mount under a totally different directory structure?
It means the path to the brick, or some preceding directory up the tree, 
is marked as being part of a volume, or was part of a volume in the past.

 From your two commands, you're trying to use the same path twice. In 
volume kvm1 you use the same two bricks as kvm2. Two volumes cannot use 
the same bricks. Is there a reason you want two volumes? A more typical 
use case would be:

gluster volume create kvms replica 2 onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick1 
onode2:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick1 onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick2 

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