[Gluster-users] volume create failed

William Kwan potatok at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 26 22:24:22 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Running 3.4.1 on Centos6.

I have this issue, I created two xfs filesystem on each of two hosts



The first volume was created successfully
# gluster volume create kvm1 replica 2 transport tcp onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick1 onode2:/data/glusterfs/kvm1/brick2

When I attempt to create the second volume, I got 
# gluster volume create kvm2 replica 2 transport tcp onode1:/data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick1 onode2:/data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick2
volume create: kvm2: failed: /data/glusterfs/kvm2/brick1 or a prefix of it is already part of a volume

I'm not sure I follow what the error means.  The 2nd set of filesystems have to mount under a totally different directory structure?

Thanks in advance

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