[Gluster-users] Mount GlusterFS from localhost

Marcus Bointon marcus at synchromedia.co.uk
Sun Dec 15 16:04:01 UTC 2013

On 15 Dec 2013, at 11:52, BGM <bernhard.glomm at ecologic.eu> wrote:

> I'm experience a similar issue.
> I'm tetsting glusterfs on a two-sided mirror, on zol.
> I got several volumes (each on it's own zfs-filesystem)
> mount -a works fine,
> but after a reboot
> all the zfs filesystems are present but only
> an  arbitrary amount of glusterfs got mounted
> (like 2 random out of 6)
> me I so far circumvented that by
> abandon fstab for that purpose and using an rc script
> (S99, K20) for the glustermount,
> allowing a "sleep 30" gracetime, than mounting the glustervolumes
> ( on a two sided mirror I mount "my-ip:/volumename /my-mountpoint" 
> in contrast to "mirror-ip:/volumename /my-mountpoint")
> All glustervolumes get mounted fine than.
> AFAIK option _netdev in fstab should have done the job,
> but in my case it didn't, I thought maybe due to zol.
> Anyhow, 30 sec gracetime does the job,
> piked 30 sec just arbitrary, might be too much even...

I've tried all these tricks, but I've never managed to get gluster to mount on boot. You need to be very careful using mount -a because it will often cause a remount of everything, and if you have /dev mirrored in RAM set up on boot, it will wipe it out and things will start dying strangely.

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