[Gluster-users] using KVM on glusterfs

flintcq flintcq at foxmail.com
Mon Sep 24 07:05:21 UTC 2012

hi, all:    I'm now working on constructing KVM servers based on glusterfs. 
    After many times searching on web, i found just a little information for this task, so I had to 
    write this email for seeking systematically instruction of how to make glusterfs and KVM working together

    And here are some questions I can not find any clearly answers:
    1. what are the relations between option cache=none(o_direct) in kvm and direct-io-mode=[enable|disable] & option o-direct in translator storage/posix, or something else?

    2. in previous mails it mentioned that raw image can be ran using cache=none on glusterfs, but not mentioned what        options are used, such as direct-io-mode, option o-direct in translator storage/posix, etc.
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