[Gluster-users] Recommended settings for geo-replication for folders with lots of files

Venky Shankar vshankar at redhat.com
Mon Sep 24 06:38:19 UTC 2012

Well, you can use geo-replication to sync files from master (a GlusterFS volume) to a directory tree on a remote slave. Due to the overhead of syncing xtime (geo-rep's way of versioning ), large number of small files are sync'd in an non optimal way. 

There is a tunable that speeds this up but to use that the slave needs to be GlusterFS volume. In that case doing this would speed up things: 

# gluster volume geo-replication <master> <slave> config use-rsync-xattrs On 


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> Hi,

> I'm currently using GlusterFS in an installation and it works quite
> well. Only problem I'm currently facing is synching files to the
> slave on folders with lots of files (e.g. images). Is there some
> recommended way to speed this up? Synchronisation will take quite
> some time if there are changes in one of these folders. I tried to
> search the Gluster.org website or via google for a solution but
> couldn't find anything to solve the issue. Any pointers would be
> appreciated. Thanks in advance.

> Regards,

> Alex
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