[Gluster-users] Permission denied after upgrade and rebalancing

Jochen Lillich jochen at freistil.it
Tue Oct 18 12:39:13 UTC 2011


looks like I was able to find and solve the cause of our problems.

I noticed today that all "permission denied" error messages were
connected with the new third cluster node that made rebalancing
necessary in the first place.

I took a look at the Gluster share directory on that server and found
that a lot of the files there were not owned by the backup system user
but by root. I don't know why GlusterFS created the files with root as
owner, but after a global chown from the client mount point, the
storage seems to be working again.

If everything keeps running smoothly, the upgrade to 3.2 finally
brought us a balanced and working backup storage and I'll be a happy
(and very relieved) camper.

Best regards,

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