[Gluster-users] Error during geo-replication : Unable to get <uuid>.xtime attr

Joseph zm.joyride at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 04:40:03 UTC 2011


I got a problem during geo-replication:

The master Gluster server log has the following error every second:

[2011-07-26 04:20:50.618532] W [libxlator.c:128:cluster_markerxtime_cbk]
0-flvol-dht: Unable to get <uuid>.xtime attr

While the slave log has the error every a few seconds:

[2011-07-26 04:25:08.77133] E
[0x7f393214b22a]))) 0-flvol_slave_2-stat-prefetch: invalid argument: inode

The slave only replicated the top level of the directory from master, but no
files under those
folders are replicated.

Can someone help on this issue?

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