[Gluster-users] gluster client performance

John Lalande john.lalande at ssec.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 27 22:23:30 UTC 2011

On 07/27/2011 12:53 AM, Pavan T C wrote:
>>> 2. What is the disk bandwidth you are getting on the local filesystem
>>> on a given storage node ? I mean, pick any of the 10 storage servers
>>> dedicated for Gluster Storage and perform a dd as below:
>> Seeing an average of 740 MB/s write, 971 GB/s read.
> I presume you did this in one of the /data-brick*/export directories ?
> Command output with the command line would have been clearer, but 
> thats fine.
That is correct -- we used /data-brick1/export.

>>> 3. What is the IB bandwidth that you are getting between the compute
>>> node and the glusterfs storage node? You can run the tool "rdma_bw" to
>>> get the details:
>> 30407: Bandwidth peak (#0 to #976): 2594.58 MB/sec
>> 30407: Bandwidth average: 2593.62 MB/sec
>> 30407: Service Demand peak (#0 to #976): 978 cycles/KB
>> 30407: Service Demand Avg : 978 cycles/KB
> This looks like a DDR connection. "ibv_devinfo -v" will tell a better 
> story about the line width and speed of your infiniband connection.
> QDR should have a much higher bandwidth.
> But that still does not explain why you should get as low as 50 MB/s 
> for a single stream single client write when the backend can support 
> direct IO throughput of more than 700 MB/s.
ibv_devinfo shows 4x for active width and 10 Gbps for active speed. Not 
sure why we're not seeing better bandwidth with rdma_bw -- we'll have to 
troubleshoot that some more -- but I agree, it shouldn't be the limiting 
factor as far the Gluster client speed problems we're seeing.

I'll send you the log files you requested off-list.




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