[Gluster-users] gluster client performance

Pavan T C tcp at gluster.com
Wed Jul 27 18:00:41 UTC 2011

> But that still does not explain why you should get as low as 50 MB/s for
> a single stream single client write when the backend can support direct
> IO throughput of more than 700 MB/s.
> On the server, can you collect:
> # iostat -xcdh 2 > iostat.log.brickXX
> for the duration of the dd command ?
> and
> # strace -f -o stracelog.server -tt -T -e trace=write,writev -p
> <glusterfsd.pid>
> (again for the duration of the dd command)

Hi John,

A small change in the request. I hope you have not already spent time on 
this. The strace command should be:

strace -f -o stracelog.server -tt -T -e trace=pwrite -p


> With the above, I want to measure the delay between the writes coming in
> from the client. iostat will describe the IO scenario on the server.
> Once the exercise is done, please attach the iostat.log.brickXX and
> stracelog.server.

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