[Gluster-users] mysql replication between two nodes

Deadpan110 deadpan110 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 10:44:51 UTC 2010

I am very new to this list, but here is my 2 cents...

In the past I used DRBD between 2 nodes to provide a master/slave
setup with mySQL data stored on the filesystem.

Upon a failover situation, mySQL would start on the remaining server
and pick up where things left off.

DRBD (8.0 +) now supports master/master but it would be unwise to run
mySQL on such a setup live on 2 servers.

mySQL has also advanced and replication is not restricted to master/slave.

I use (and am loving) glusterfs in various guises on my 3 node cluster
for my client filesystems.

For mySQL I use master/master/master circular replication without
depending on any type of clustered filesystem (only local on each
node) - there have been people frowning on such a setup, but things
have advanced with the latest stable mySQL versions and as such, I
have been successfully using it in a clustered environment.


On 15 October 2010 20:33, Richard de Vries <rdevries1000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Beat,
> This is a pitty. Because a stop of the service only to resync te
> standby node is not so nice...
> The stat of the database file in: /opt/test/database after a reboot of
> the node 2 shows different output,
> one time from the node 1 and another time from node 2.
> What is the role of self heal in this? It is noticed that the files
> are not equal (via stat).
> Would you see the same behaviour for example with qemu-kvm that keeps
> also files open?
> Regards,
> Richard
>> Hello!
>> Quoting <rdevries1000 at gmail.com> (14.10.10 22:51):
>>> As a solution I have
>>> now to stop the database, rsync the data and restart the database.
>>> After that, the replication goes again fine.
>>>It looks this is the way to go. In a replicate setup an open filedescriptor
>>>have a connection to each brick. When a connection breaks (networking
>>>problems, crash / reboot of a server) it would never be reestablished. To
>>>regain the sync between the bricks the descriptor must be closed and
>>>reopened - say the application restarted.
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