[Gluster-users] mysql replication between two nodes

Richard de Vries rdevries1000 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 10:03:25 UTC 2010

Hello Beat,

This is a pitty. Because a stop of the service only to resync te
standby node is not so nice...

The stat of the database file in: /opt/test/database after a reboot of
the node 2 shows different output,
one time from the node 1 and another time from node 2.

What is the role of self heal in this? It is noticed that the files
are not equal (via stat).

Would you see the same behaviour for example with qemu-kvm that keeps
also files open?


> Hello!
> Quoting <rdevries1000 at gmail.com> (14.10.10 22:51):
>> As a solution I have
>> now to stop the database, rsync the data and restart the database.
>> After that, the replication goes again fine.
>>It looks this is the way to go. In a replicate setup an open filedescriptor
>>have a connection to each brick. When a connection breaks (networking
>>problems, crash / reboot of a server) it would never be reestablished. To
>>regain the sync between the bricks the descriptor must be closed and
>>reopened - say the application restarted.

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