[Bugs] [Bug 1782100] Make error: "rpcsvc.c:1197:5: error: implicit declaration of function 'xdr_sizeof' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]"

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(In reply to Kaleb KEITHLEY from comment #1)
> (It helps to know which Linux distribution you're building on.)
> this is usually an indication that you haven't installed libtirpc and
> libtirpc-devel (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL)  or libtirpc3 and libtirpc-dev
> (Debian, Ubuntu) on a newer linux distribution where rpc has been removed
> from libc.
> Make sure you have those installed and that the output from configure
> includes
> ...
> Use TIRPC            : yes
> ...
> I was able to successfully build on both Fedora 31 and Debian buster, both
> with `--with-ipv6-default` and without.
> Note: Older distributions that have rpc in libc should not use libtirpc as
> it is usually too old.

My CentOS' version is "CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)". And I am sure
that it has been installed libtirpc and libtirpc-devel both.

And the configure summary is as below.

GlusterFS configure summary
FUSE client          : yes
Infiniband verbs     : yes
epoll IO multiplex   : yes
fusermount           : yes
readline             : yes
georeplication       : yes
Linux-AIO            : yes
Enable Debug         : no
Enable ASAN          : no
Enable TSAN          : no
Use syslog           : yes
XML output           : yes
Unit Tests           : no
Track priv ports     : yes
POSIX ACLs           : yes
SELinux features     : yes
firewalld-config     : no
Events               : yes
EC dynamic support   : x64 sse avx
Use memory pools     : yes
Nanosecond m/atimes  : yes
Server components    : yes
Legacy gNFS server   : no
IPV6 default         : no
Use TIRPC            : yes
With Python          : 2.7
Cloudsync            : yes

And from the code, I just find that it has relationship with the IPV6 MACRO.

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