[Bugs] [Bug 1784402] storage.reserve ignored by self-heal so that bricks are 100% full

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Tue Dec 24 04:46:03 UTC 2019


--- Comment #4 from Ravishankar N <ravishankar at redhat.com> ---
That would be a leak in abstraction for an option that is per brick specific.
It looks like you added the check for internal clients via BZ 1506083 but I
can't find any specific problem in the BZ. One problem is that if we subject
writes from self-heal also to the same check, then with the case described in
this bug, heals would never be able to complete. But that is not any different
than the case where this option is *not* enabled but the I/O was pumped till
the disk was full. So maybe we should allow internal clients as well?

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