[Bugs] [Bug 1781003] Gluster: Unable to add bricks to volume/ is already part of a volume/ Transport End point is not connected.

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--- Comment #6 from Karthik U S <ksubrahm at redhat.com> ---
According to the cmd_history.log you are trying to add the same brick which was
removed from the volume before
[2019-12-06 10:31:49.899700]  : volume remove-brick clusterfs replica 4 force : SUCCESS

Then you detached and added the same node to the peer list
[2019-12-06 10:31:55.783666]  : peer detach force : SUCCESS
[2019-12-06 10:34:31.904048]  : peer probe : SUCCESS

After that you are trying to add the same brick on the same node back to the
[2019-12-06 10:34:47.131632]  : volume add-brick clusterfs replica 2 force : FAILED :
/mnt/glusterfs/bricks/clusterfs is already part of a volume

>From these logs by looking at the IP I doubt this is a new machine & from the
brick path it is same as the one which was removed earlier. Please correct me
if I am missing something here. Please get the xattrs on the bricks before
trying to add the brick, to confirm whether my hypothesis was right or not.
As far as the difference in the volume info is considered there seems to be a
problem with syncing. I think restarting glusterd on both the machine one after
the other should solve this issue. @Sanju shouldn't the glusterd get synced in
step 7 after the peer probe?

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