[Bugs] [Bug 1105277] Failure to execute gverify.sh.

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Mon Dec 31 23:28:38 UTC 2018


--- Comment #7 from vnosov <vnosov at stonefly.com> ---
(In reply to vnosov from comment #6)

Information about wrong file "cli.log" was put into original message.
It fixed now.

> Here an other problem with geo-replication in GlusterFS 5.2 that is related
> to the previous ones.
> After hack is put into python script to provide path for "gluster" so
> geo-replication could be initialized the next problem is reported when
> attempt is made to create second geo-replication
> on the same system. The first one is created successfully and is "Active".

> But when the second one is going to use the same file the geo-replication
> initialization hits problem:
> [2018-12-31 19:08:34.415534] E [syncdutils(monitor):809:errlog] Popen:
> command returned error   cmd=ssh -oPasswordAuthentication=no
> -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -i /var/lib/glusterd/geo-replication/secret.pem
> -p 22 nasgorep at /usr/sbin/gluster --xml --remote-host=localhost
> volume info slave-volume-0008    error=255
> [2018-12-31 19:08:34.415894] E [syncdutils(monitor):813:logerr] Popen: ssh>
> ERROR: failed to create logfile "/var/log/glusterfs/cli.log" (Permission
> denied)
> [2018-12-31 19:08:34.416060] E [syncdutils(monitor):813:logerr] Popen: ssh>
> ERROR: failed to open logfile /var/log/glusterfs/cli.log

[root at SC-10-10-63-182 log]# ls -l /var/log/glusterfs/cli.log
-rw------- 1 root root 72629 Dec 31 15:24 /var/log/glusterfs/cli.log

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