[Gluster-Maintainers] Release 4.0: Detailed release schedule

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Mon Jan 29 22:16:51 UTC 2018

Hi Maintainers,

We are attempting to do a bit broader release schedule this time around
and this was announced in the last maintainers meeting. The schedule can
be see here [1] (possibly needs to be bookmarked).

The intention is to keep things tighter as this is a major Gluster release.

Request all to keep this in check to make it happen!


[1] Release schedule/tasks:

<Copies here for your convenience, the live doc will be the hackmd page BTW>

Major items:

    Release notes
    Documentation and blogs
    Testing (Sanity, upgrade, performance)

Tentative schedule:
17-Jan : Inform PR machinery about release date and possible content
- Done
25-Jan : Call for release notes
- Sent Jan 29th
25-Jan : Call for post release content viz. blogs
- Sent Jan 29th
29-Jan : Last day for feature backports
- Done
30-Jan : RC0 build readiness meeting
31-Jan : RC0 Build - can use functional release notes?
01-Feb : Glusto run and upgrade etc testing; gbench run
02-Feb : Draft release notes available for review (owner+team)
07-Feb : end of gbench run
08-Feb : repeat Glusto run
09-Feb : Call for feature notes
09-Feb : Upgrade testing
13-Feb : RC1 build readiness meeting
14-Feb : RC1 Build
19-Feb : review of available feature notes for publication
21-Feb : draft of announce blog post
22-Feb : Upgrade testing
22-Feb : gbench run
27-Feb : Go/No-go - binaries, content, docs
28-Feb : release tagging
02-Mar : release binaries for testing
05-Mar : packaging team receives ack on binaries for distribution
06-Mar : GA readiness meeting
06-Mar : Release announcement

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