[heketi-devel] [RFC] Initial proposal for snapshot/cloning support

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Wed Feb 14 15:56:21 UTC 2018

Hi again!

The majority of the emails still stands, but the document has been
updated a little with early comments. The location is still the same,
and the updated version has been included below.


On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 05:17:44PM +0100, Niels de Vos wrote:
> Hi,
> as we would like to see cloning of PVs soonish, I'd like to share my
> suggestions for the heketi-cli and bits of the ReST API that could be
> implemented. The document lives in my fork of the Heketi project and can
> be found here (nicely formatted):
>   https://github.com/nixpanic/heketi/blob/wip/snapshot/doc/admin/snapshot.md
> It may be easier to reply with inline comments (please not on GitHub),
> so I'll include the text as well.
> I hope this interface allows use to support the Snapshot functionality
> that Kubernetes recently added, as well as the cloning of PVs that is
> expected to be consumed by kubevirt.
> There are two suggestions for the Endpoints of the API. That is the bit
> that probably needs most consideration.
> Suggestions are most welcome!
> Niels
---- %< ----
Snapshots are read-only copies of volumes that can be used for cloning new
volumes from. Its is possible to create a snapshot through the [Snapshot Create
API](../api/api.md#create-a-snapshot) or the commandline client.

>From the command line client, you can type the following to create a snapshot
from an existing volume:

$ heketi-cli snapshot create -volume=<vol_name> [-name=<snap_name>]

The new snapshot can be used to create a new volume:

$ heketi-cli snapshot clone -from-snap=<snap_name> [-name=<clone_name>]

The clones of snapshots are new volumes with the same properties as the
original. The cloned volumes can be deleted with the `heketi-cli volume delete`
command. In a similar fashion, snapshots can be removed with the `heketi-cli
snapshot delete` command.

# Proposed CLI

The parameters for the `heketi-cli` should be easily identifiable. Every time a
`<vol_name>` is used, the parameter will be called `-volume=`, and the same
counts for `<snap_name>` and `-snapshot=`. Upon creation, the name of the new
object can be passed as `-name=`, or left out so that Heketi generates a name
based on the UUID that will be assigned to the object.

$ heketi-cli snapshot create -volume=<vol_name> [-name=<snap_name>] [-description=<string>]
$ heketi-cli snapshot clone -snapshot=<snap_name> [-name=<vol_name>]
$ heketi-cli snapshot delete -snapshot=<snap_name>
$ heketi-cli snapshot list -volume=<vol_name>
$ heketi-cli snapshot info -snapshot=<snap_name>

# API Proposal

For file volume types only. A similar implementation might get added for
block-volumes at a later time.

### Create a Snapshot
* **Method:** _POST_
* **Endpoint**:`/volumes/{volume_uuid}/snapshots`

### Clone a Volume from a Snapshot
* **Method:** _POST_
* **Endpoint**:`/volumes/{volume_uuid}/snapshots/{snapshot_uuid}`

### Delete a Snapshot
* **Method:** _DELETE_
* **Endpoint**:`/volumes/{volume_uuid}/snapshots/{snapshot_uuid}`

### List Snapshots
* **Method:** _GET_
* **Endpoint**:`/volumes/{volume_uuid}/snapshots`

### Get Snapshot Information
* **Method:** _GET_
* **Endpoint**:`/volumes/{volume_uuid}/snapshots/{snapshot_uuid}`

# Gluster Snapshot CLI Reference
$ gluster --log-file=/dev/null snapshot help

gluster snapshot commands

snapshot activate <snapname> [force] - Activate snapshot volume.
snapshot clone <clonename> <snapname> - Snapshot Clone.
snapshot config [volname] ([snap-max-hard-limit <count>] [snap-max-soft-limit <percent>]) | ([auto-delete <enable|disable>])| ([activate-on-create <enable|disable>]) - Snapshot Config.
snapshot create <snapname> <volname> [no-timestamp] [description <description>] [force] - Snapshot Create.
snapshot deactivate <snapname> - Deactivate snapshot volume.
snapshot delete (all | snapname | volume <volname>) - Snapshot Delete.
snapshot help - display help for snapshot commands
snapshot info [(snapname | volume <volname>)] - Snapshot Info.
snapshot list [volname] - Snapshot List.
snapshot restore <snapname> - Snapshot Restore.
snapshot status [(snapname | volume <volname>)] - Snapshot Status.

- [Snapshot](https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs-specs/blob/master/done/GlusterFS%203.6/Gluster%20Volume%20Snapshot.md)
- [Cloning](https://github.com/gluster/glusterfs-specs/blob/master/done/GlusterFS%203.7/Clone%20of%20Snapshot.md)

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