[Gluster-users] [EXT] Re: [Glusterusers] State of the gluster project

W Kern wkmail at bneit.com
Tue Oct 31 22:25:55 UTC 2023

Well if what you mean by  'dead project' is there haven't been 
significant improvements then yes. Maybe given HOW gluster's 
architecture works there isn't a lot that can be done to re-architect it.

If you mean dead project because Gluster is broken then no. At least for 
its initial feature set it works really well. We have never used the 
more advanced features nor did we even try GFAPI. Just vanilla 
replication w/Fuse

We started with Gluster 3.x and it worked well and was easy to manage. 
Recovering from a failure was bummer though due to the need to heal 
whole VM files, especially on the 1GB network connections of those days.

We then migrated to 6.x and got sharding and the arbiter. Both of which 
made huge improvements to the speed and recovery in our replication 

Again, we never had gluster issues with 6.x. The problems we did see 
were bad networks, drives etc and gluster handled those including the 
fuse mount keeping the images up during a hardware failure. Then it was 
a matter of

swapping out drives, reassigning volumes etc, all of which were pretty 
straight forward and didn't involve downtime.

We are now on 10.1, and have yet to see any issues. Speed seems a little 
faster than 6.x but that is subjective. We haven't upgraded to beyond 
that because we have seen people report issues with 10.2/3/4 and it 
aint' broke so we have a wait and see attitude.

We have used other Distributed File Systems and still use MooseFS for 
archiving which is quite nice and also easy to use, but as was mentioned 
with BeeGFS, its freemium.

To get the important pieces you have to pay up. In the MFS example that 
means that the free version has a single point of failure with the 
mfsmaster. Only enterprise has the ability to failover to another 
mfsmaster.  So its not as resilient as Gluster and we did lose some 
files during one particular ugly outage (totally our fault, but those 
files would have survived if on gluster).

Gluster is open source and on github. I hope it stays that way.


On 10/29/23 3:54 AM, Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
> 29.10.2023 00:07, Zakhar Kirpichenko пишет:
>> I don't think it's worth it for anyone. It's a dead project since 
>> about 9.0, if not earlier.
> Well, really earlier.
> Attempt to get better gluster as gluster2 in 4.0 failed...
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