[Gluster-users] Gluster Geo replication

dev devops dev.devops12 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 03:10:17 UTC 2023

Hi All,
What are the ports needed to be opened for Gluster Geo replication ? We
have a very closed setup, I could gather below info, does all of these
ports need to be open on master and slave for inter communication or just
22 would work since it's using the rsync over ssh for actual data push ?
*•* *Port 22 (TCP):* Used by SSH for secure data communication in
*•* *Port 24007 (TCP):* Used by the Gluster daemon (glusterd) for
management and to intercommunicate with other glusterd instances.
*•* *Ports 24008 & 24009 (TCP):* Used for GlusterFS data and metadata
*•* *Port 49152 to 49664 (TCP):* Used by GlusterFS for client connections.
I see some monitoring happening on the tcp ports for slave volume, is this
communication secure ?
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