[Gluster-users] Re-Add Distributed Volume Volume

Taste-Of-IT kontakt at taste-of-it.de
Tue Nov 16 10:14:24 UTC 2021

Hi Diego,

i noticed, when i move files from broken volume to new mounted gf volume, the folder and files are also deleted from .glusterfs directory. Thats ok right, because there are the hardlilnks of the files, right? You wrote, that you delete the .glusterfs Folder first and than move. I didnt try it because iam afraid of loosing all files, if these are the hardlings. I also noticed, if i moved files and the folder and files are also deleted in .glusterfs, the disk size didnt change.

=> i read about hardlink and it seems that there is a remaining part of them, thats why the free space rises, right? So i have to delete the .glusterfs directory right and no "real" files are deleted. Thats what i understand now by reading about hardlinks.

What do you think

Am 15.11.2021 12:20:57, schrieb Diego Zuccato:
> Il 15/11/2021 06:45, Strahil Nikolov ha scritto:
> > Gluster uses hard links (2 entries pointing to the same inode) and 
> > untill the hard links are not deleted, the data will be still there.
> [...]
> > The hard links are in the .glusterfs directory and after a successful 
> > move you can delete them.When I've had to move from a "broken" volume to a newly created one, I 
> first deleted the .glusterfs folders from the roots of the old bricks 
> (the volume was already broken, after all) and then moved the other 
> folders to their new home (the new volume, mounted on every node). Just 
> avoided overwriting existing files.
> This way the bricks didn't overflow.
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