[Gluster-users] Tiered storage feature

Schlick Rupert Rupert.Schlick at ait.ac.at
Tue Jan 26 19:12:37 UTC 2021

Dear List,

could anyone enlighten me what happened to the tiered storage feature?

When finding references to it online, it seemed to be the perfect solution for my problem, but further digging shows it was removed in gluster 6.

What digging did not show is why it was removed and if there are any suggestions to solve the issue of having fast and slow storage with glusterfs.

I'm looking for a distributed storage for a small cluster (for now 3 nodes, 4 fast GPUs each). Space on NVMe SSDs is limited, the nodes are interconnected with 100Gb Infiniband.
Gluster seemed to be the perfect solution to mirror between the nodes, until I realized that tiered volumes are not supported anymore.

The removal baffles me a bit, since alternatives available under open-source licenses like MooseFS, BeeGFS, CEPH, Lustre have also solutions for hierarchical storage management in some form and the use case seems to be a common one.



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