[Gluster-users] Healing entries get healed but there are constantly new entries appearing

Ulrich Pötter ulrich.poetter at menzel-it.net
Thu Feb 6 11:27:57 UTC 2020

Dear Gluster Users,

we are running the following Gluster setup:
Replica 3 on 3 servers. Two are CentOs 7.6 with Gluster 6.5 and one was 
upgraded to Centos 7.7 with Gluster 6.7.

Since the upgrade to gluster 6.7 on one of the servers, we encountered 
the following issue:
New healing entries appear and get healed, but soon afterwards new 
healing entries appear.
The abovementioned problem started after we upgraded the server.
The healing issues do not only appear on the upgraded server, but on all 

This does not seem to be a split brain issue as the output of the 
command "gluster volume head <vol> info split-brain" is "number of 
entries in split-brain: 0"

Has anyone else observed such behavior with different Gluster versions 
in one replica setup?

We hesitate with updating the other nodes, as we do not know if this 
standard Gluster behaviour or if there is more to this problem.

Can you help us?

Thanks in advance,

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