[Gluster-users] How to fix I/O error ? (resend)

Felix Kölzow felix.koelzow at gmx.de
Fri Aug 28 08:31:08 UTC 2020

Dear Diego,

I faced a similar issue on gluster 6.0 and I was able to resolve it (at
least in my case).


I faced a directory were a simple ls leads to input/output error.

I cd into the corresponding directory on the brick and I did a ls
command and it works.

I got a list of all the file names

# ls -1v * > /tmp/mylist

Afterwards, I cd into the directory of interest on the MOUNTPOINT and I
removed all the files which are obviously hidden

due to the input/output error:

# while read item

# do

# rm -rf $item

# done < /tmp/mylist

Thats it. Afterwards, I copied the deleted files back from our backup.

Please give me a hint if this procedure also works for you.



On 26/08/2020 08:43, Diego Zuccato wrote:
> Il 25/08/20 15:27, Amar Tumballi ha scritto:
>> I am not aware of any data layout changes we did between current latest
>> (7.7) and 3.8.8. But due to some issues, 'online' migration is not
>> possible, even the clients needs to be updated, so you have to umount
>> the volume once.
> Tks for the info.
> Actually the issue is less bad than I thought: I checked on a client
> that (somehow) still used Debian oldstable. Current stable uses 5.5,
> still old but not prehistoric :)
> Too bad the original issue still persists, even after removing the file
> and its hardlink from .gluster dir :(
> Maybe the upgrade can fix it? Or I risk breaking it even more?

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