[Gluster-users] Kadalu

Volker Dormeyer vd at d7informatics.de
Fri Aug 21 12:19:55 UTC 2020

Hello Amar,

thank you - I'm going to test this.


On 8/21/20 5:45 AM, Amar Tumballi wrote:

> Let me try to answer you..
>     When I use the external mode to access Gluster, I need to specify a
>     Gluster node, but what happend to my service if this node is not
>     reachable anymore. Or what does happen in general as soon as this node
>     fails?
> the node is used for 'mounting' (ie, to fetch the volume info), so, if
> you are having a HA setup with replica 3, even if the node goes down,
> gluster file system continues to work, ie, all PVs will be working fine.
> We can enhance the 'options:' in storage spec to take
> 'backup-volfile-server', so even the mount issue can be resolved.
> Should be an RFE to project.
>     Can I run the Gluster services together with kadalu on a Kubernetes
>     cluster and provide storage to a second Kubernetes cluster without
>     local
>     storage?
> Is the second storage cluster having access to nodes in this cluster?
> (ie, reachability?) if yes, it works as an 'External' gluster setup
> for that second cluster. But works.

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