[Gluster-users] Gluster cluster questions

Volker Dormeyer vd at d7informatics.de
Wed Aug 19 15:02:03 UTC 2020

Hi Aravinda,

Thank you!!

On 8/19/20 1:47 PM, Aravinda VK wrote:

> https://kadalu.io can be used as alternative to Heketi to use
> GlusterFS with Kubernetes. Create two Storage pools one with SSD and
> another with HDD, and create Storage class to use these pools.
> https://kadalu.io/docs/k8s-storage/latest/storage-classes

This sounds promising! I read through the documentation. A few questions
came up:

1. I need Kubernetes on the storage cluster? Right? This would be a good

2. Which components are required on the client Cluster? I mean the
Kubernetes Clusters which make use of the storage cluster? At least a
client to mount the storage would be required.

3. How far is the ARM64 implementation? 

This is from the github site:

The release versions and 'latest' versions are not yet ARM ready! But we
have an image for |linux/arm64|,|linux/arm/v7| platform support!

Best Regards,

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