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Aravinda VK aravinda at kadalu.io
Wed Aug 19 11:47:51 UTC 2020

Hi Volker,

> On 19-Aug-2020, at 4:51 PM, Volker Dormeyer <vd at d7informatics.de> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am new to this list.
> I am planning do create a cluster with several Gluster nodes. I get to
> the following questions:
> a) Is it possible to build a cluster with some of the bricks as SSD and
> some of them with HDD? In the end I want two separate pools one fast
> pool with SSD storage and a second slow pool with HDD. Is there a way to
> define a scenario like this in Gluster? The question is not related to
> SSD caching.

Cluster in GlusterFS is only required to create group of nodes which can be used to provision Volumes as required. Disks are not tied to Cluster. Volumes can be created as required. For example, Create a Volume using HDD and create another volume using SSD. (I am not sure this flexibility is available in Heketi or not, may be that supports tagging the devices and provision using those tags)

> b) Or, shall I spilt this in two clusters of Gluster, one fast the
> another one slow.

As answered above, Splitting the Cluster is not required. Create two Volumes.

> My imagination is to build something like this:
> Kubernetes Cluster 1    ...    Kubernetes Cluster N
>          |                              |
>  storage class slow     <->     storage class fast
> -----------------------------------------------------
>                      \        /
>                        Heketi
>                      /        \
>    Gluster 1 (fast)              Gluster 2 (slow)

https://kadalu.io <https://kadalu.io/> can be used as alternative to Heketi to use GlusterFS with Kubernetes. Create two Storage pools one with SSD and another with HDD, and create Storage class to use these pools.

https://kadalu.io/docs/k8s-storage/latest/storage-classes <https://kadalu.io/docs/k8s-storage/latest/storage-classes> 
> Best Regards,
> Volker
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Aravinda Vishwanathapura

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