[Gluster-users] Use GlusterFS as storage for images of virtual machines - available issues

Gregor Burck gregor at aeppelbroe.de
Wed Nov 27 10:34:59 UTC 2019


I test glusterFS in an setup for storing images for virtual machines.
My setup:

Three nodes, all debian buster/proxmox virtualisation.
On each node I bind a own hdd for a brick.

Then I create a replicated volume over the three nodes and mount it in the VMCluster.

Here I could setup VMs and manage them like restart, migration and so on.

But when I shutdown or restart one of the nodes, I got hanger. This is, what I didn't understand, I think, the glusterFS is redudant and high available?
What I do:
1. all is running
2. I stop one node
3. When I do something with a VM I got Problems, seem like they lost the storage.
4. After some time I could work with the VMs again.

Could it a thing with quorums?

My goal is to set an high available KVM cluster, where one node could die and the VMs shouldn't hurd by it.



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