[Gluster-users] Does replace-brick migrate data?

Alan Orth alan.orth at gmail.com
Wed May 22 21:10:45 UTC 2019

Dear list,

I seem to have gotten into a tricky situation. Today I brought up a shiny
new server with new disk arrays and attempted to replace one brick of a
replica 2 distribute/replicate volume on an older server using the
`replace-brick` command:

# gluster volume replace-brick homes wingu0:/mnt/gluster/homes
wingu06:/data/glusterfs/sdb/homes commit force

The command was successful and I see the new brick in the output of
`gluster volume info`. The problem is that Gluster doesn't seem to be
migrating the data, and now the original brick that I replaced is no longer
part of the volume (and a few terabytes of data are just sitting on the old

# gluster volume info homes | grep -E "Brick[0-9]:"
Brick1: wingu4:/mnt/gluster/homes
Brick2: wingu3:/mnt/gluster/homes
Brick3: wingu06:/data/glusterfs/sdb/homes
Brick4: wingu05:/data/glusterfs/sdb/homes
Brick5: wingu05:/data/glusterfs/sdc/homes
Brick6: wingu06:/data/glusterfs/sdc/homes

I see the Gluster docs have a more complicated procedure for replacing
bricks that involves getfattr/setfattr¹. How can I tell Gluster about the
old brick? I see that I have a backup of the old volfile thanks to yum's
rpmsave function if that helps.

We are using Gluster 5.6 on CentOS 7. Thank you for any advice you can give.


Alan Orth
alan.orth at gmail.com
"In heaven all the interesting people are missing." ―Friedrich Nietzsche
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