[Gluster-users] ganesha-gfapi

Valerio Luccio valerio.luccio at nyu.edu
Wed Mar 13 14:43:03 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I recently mounting my gluster from another server using NFS. I started
ganesha and my ganesha-gfapi.log file is filled with the following message:

     W [dict.c:761:dict_ref]
    [0x7f1c29bc3e3e] -->/lib64/libglusterfs.so.0(dict_ref+0x5d)
    [0x7f1c379092ad] ) 0-dict: dict is NULL [Invalid argument]

Which sometimes is followed by:

    E [MSGID: 101191] [event-epoll.c:671:event_dispatch_epoll_worker]
    0-epoll: Failed to dispatch handler

Has anyone seen this ? What can be done about it ?


Valerio Luccio             (212) 998-8736
Center for Brain Imaging   4 Washington Place, Room 157
New York University        New York, NY 10003

    "In an open world, who needs windows or gates ?"

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