[Gluster-users] Client failover question

Nico van Royen nico at van-royen.nl
Fri Feb 8 18:33:36 UTC 2019


What do you mean by a gluster 'client server' ?
A node is either a server (running the glusterd and glusterfsd/brick processes), and you'd need at least 2 (3 is better, and the volume to be set as a replica-3) or a gluster client (uses the gluster-client to mount a volume from a gluster-cluster).
You could of-course also run the 'client' on the actual gluster-server to mount to itself (wouldn't recommend that).


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Onderwerp: [Gluster-users] Client failover question

I may have missed this in the documentation, but is there a way to make a Gluster client server redundant? I have several bricks setup being controlled by one cluster client server and if that server blows, there's quite a bit of rebuilding to do. So looking for a way to ovoid that. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. 

Thanks in advance. 

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