[Gluster-users] Understand Geo Replication of a big Gluster

Axel Gruber axel at agm.de
Thu Jun 14 12:53:05 UTC 2018


Im new on GlusterFS - so a warm hello to everyone here...

Im testing GlusterFS since some Weeks in different configurations for a big
Media Storage

Currently for start we plan a distributed / Replicated Gluster with for
Nodes (4x70Tb)
I tryed this within a Test Area on differenzt Virtual Machines - works fine.

But for security Reason we also plan Geo Replication of the Whole Gluster.
I have read Doc  - but one thing i dont understand:

For example our Start Gluster has 4 Nodes (4x70TB  Replicated and
Distributed) i have 140TB Capacity.

So when i want to Geo Replicate this Volume i dont have a sigle Server wich
is able to store 140GB (or later more) - but i can have several Backup
Servers with a total Sice of 140TB

So my Question

How can i say Gluster FS in Geo Replication to use all of this Backup
Servers to GEO REplicate the whole Storage using all Backup Server.

Best Regards
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