[Gluster-users] Heketi error: Server busy. Retry operation later.

John Mulligan phlogistonjohn at asynchrono.us
Thu Dec 20 14:18:31 UTC 2018

The "Server busy" error is typically returned in one of two scenarios:
* The server really is busy processing multiple parallel requests
* Heketi needs a block hosting volume to satisfy a block volume request but 
the only block hosting volumes are pending (still being created).

In your case I suspect it's the latter. The most definitive way to determine 
if this is the case is use the 'heketi-cli db dump' command and examine the db 
dump json produced. If there are items under the "pendingoperations" key that 
correspond to block volume creation + block hosting volume creation it would 
seem you are in that situation. You can look for pending operations with a 
Type of 4 (OperationCreateBlockVolume) that contain an action with a change 
type of 2 (OpAddVolume) in the dump. You can also put your db dump in a 
pastebin if you are comfortable sharing it. If heketi server was stopped at 
any time while working on this operation heketi considers this a "stale" 
operation and this can block some other operations until it is resolved.

If we can confirm this is the case, we will need to clean up the situation. In 
all recent releases of Heketi you can stop the server and then export the db 
to json and then edit the json and import that back into the db. I even have 
tools to help with the editing process posted in a PR here: https://

Alternatively, if you are willing to use the "master" branch of heketi we have 
recently (this week!) completed a feature that will automatically clean up 
some stale and failed pending operations. If you want to try out this code you 
should be able to avoid doing any extra manual steps. Simply upgrade the 
server and wait a bit. Use the `heketi-cli server operations info` to see the 
count go to zero and then attempt to create a new volume. If you do try this 
and something does not work please file an issue and you'll get extra special 
attention from me, because I have been working a lot on this feature. :-)

If you do _not_ see a pending operation matching the description in the db 
dump, please get back to us as we will need to examine the heketi logs from 
around when the error occurred.

PS. We tend to check our github issues more frequently than these lists. If 
you have any future issues you may get faster turnaround by asking there.

On Thursday, December 6, 2018 3:43:05 PM EST Guillermo Alvarado wrote:
> Hello, Yesterday I tweeted my frustration and  @YanivKaul
> <https://twitter.com/YanivKaul>  suggested me to write in this list:
> I Installed Openshift and I am using INDEPENDENT MODE of GlusterFS to
> provide persistent and dinamyc storage. These are the vars I am using on
> the openshift ansible inventory:
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_namespace=app-storage
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_storageclass=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_storageclass_default=false
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_block_deploy=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_block_host_vol_size=600
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_block_storageclass=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_block_storageclass_default=false
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_is_native=false
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_heketi_is_native=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_heketi_executor=ssh
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_heketi_ssh_port=22
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_heketi_ssh_user=ocpadmin
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_heketi_ssh_sudo=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_heketi_ssh_keyfile="/home/ocpadmin/.ssh/id_rsa"
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_namespace=infra-storage
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_block_deploy=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_block_host_vol_size=600
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_block_storageclass=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_block_storageclass_default=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_is_native=false
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_heketi_is_native=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_heketi_executor=ssh
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_heketi_ssh_port=22
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_heketi_ssh_user=ocpadmin
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_heketi_ssh_sudo=true
> openshift_storage_glusterfs_registry_heketi_ssh_keyfile="/home/ocpadmin/.ssh
> /id_rsa"
> When I try to create a PVC with the next Storage class:
> $ oc describe sc glusterfs-storage
> Name:                  glusterfs-storage
> IsDefaultClass:        No
> Annotations:           <none>
> Provisioner:           kubernetes.io/glusterfs
> Parameters:            resturl=http://heketi-storage.app-storage.svc:8080
> ,restuser=admin,secretName=heketi-storage-admin-secret,secretNamespace=app-s
> torage AllowVolumeExpansion:  <unset>
> MountOptions:          <none>
> ReclaimPolicy:         Delete
> VolumeBindingMode:     Immediate
> Events:                <none>
> I am able to create it, but with these:
> $ oc describe sc glusterfs-registry-block
> Name:                  glusterfs-registry-block
> IsDefaultClass:        Yes
> Annotations:           storageclass.kubernetes.io/is-default-class=true
> Provisioner:           gluster.org/glusterblock
> Parameters:
> chapauthenabled=true,hacount=3,restsecretname=heketi-registry-admin-secret-b
> lock,restsecretnamespace=infra-storage,resturl=
> http://heketi-registry.infra-storage.svc:8080,restuser=admin
> AllowVolumeExpansion:  <unset>
> MountOptions:          <none>
> ReclaimPolicy:         Delete
> VolumeBindingMode:     Immediate
> Events:                <none>
> and this
> $ oc describe sc glusterfs-storage-block Name: glusterfs-storage-block
> IsDefaultClass: No Annotations: <none> Provisioner: gluster.org/glusterblock
> Parameters:
> chapauthenabled=true,hacount=3,restsecretname=heketi-storage-admin-secret-bl
> ock,restsecretnamespace=app-storage,resturl=
> http://heketi-storage.app-storage.svc:8080,restuser=admin
> AllowVolumeExpansion: <unset> MountOptions: <none> ReclaimPolicy: Delete
> VolumeBindingMode: Immediate Events: <none>
> I am getting this error message when I try to create a PVC: *Failed to
> provision volume with StorageClass "glusterfs-registry-block": failed to
> create volume: heketi block volume creation failed: [heketi] failed to
> create volume: Server busy. Retry operation later.*
> Heketi is conteinerized and I just trying to create 1 volume at time, so I
> do not understand why I am getting that message.
> Thanks in advance

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