[Gluster-users] rebalance and volume commit hash

Jeff Darcy jdarcy at redhat.com
Tue Jan 17 16:10:18 UTC 2017

> Do you think that is wise to run rebalance process manually on every
> brick with the actual commit hash value?
> I didn't do anything with bricks after previous rebalance run and I have
> cluster.weighted-rebalance=off.
> My problem is that I have a very big directory structure (millions of
> directories and files) and I haven't ever completed rebalance process
> once, because it will take I guess weeks or months. I'd like to speed it
> up a bit by not generating new commit hash for volume during new
> rebalance run. Then directories rebalanced in the previous run will be
> untouched during the new run. Is it possible?

I'm pretty sure that trying to rebalance on each brick separately will
not work correctly.  Rebalancing smaller pieces of the directory
hierarchy separately, by issuing the appropriate setxattr calls on them
instead of using the CLI, *might* work.  Either way, I think the DHT
experts could provide a better answer.

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