[Gluster-users] [Gluster-devel] decoupling network.ping-timeout and transport.tcp-user-timeout

Milind Changire mchangir at redhat.com
Wed Jan 11 10:49:44 UTC 2017



On 01/11/2017 03:21 PM, Milind Changire wrote:
> The management connection uses network.ping-timeout to time out and
> retry connection to a different server if the existing connection
> end-point is unreachable from the client.
> Due to the nature of the parameters involved in the TCP/IP network
> stack, it becomes imperative to control the other network connections
> using the socket level tunables:
> So, I'd like to decouple the network.ping-timeout and
> transport.tcp-user-timeout since they are tunables for different
> aspects of gluster application. network-ping-timeout monitors the
> brick/node level responsiveness and transport.tcp-user-timeout is one
> of the attributes that is used to manage the state of the socket.
> Saying so, we could do away with network.ping-timeout altogether and
> stick with transport.tcp-user-timeout for types of sockets. It becomes
> increasingly difficult to work with different tunables across gluster.
> I believe, there have not been many cases in which the community has
> found the existing defaults for socket timeout unusable. So we could
> stick with the system defaults and add the following socket level
> tunables and make them open for configuration:
> * client.tcp-user-timeout
>      which sets transport.tcp-user-timeout
> * client.keepalive-time
>      which sets transport.socket.keepalive-time
> * client.keepalive-interval
>      which sets transport.socket.keepalive-interval
> * client.keepalive-count
>      which sets transport.socket.keepalive-count
> * server.tcp-user-timeout
>      which sets transport.tcp-user-timeout
> * server.keepalive-time
>      which sets transport.socket.keepalive-time
> * server.keepalive-interval
>      which sets transport.socket.keepalive-interval
> * server.keepalive-count
>      which sets transport.socket.keepalive-count
> However, these settings would effect all sockets in gluster.
> In cases where aggressive timeouts are needed, the community can find
> gluster options which have 1:1 mapping with socket level options as
> documented in tcp(7).
> Please share your thoughts about the risks or effectiveness of the
> decoupling.

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