[Gluster-users] Cheers and some thoughts

Jeff Darcy jdarcy at redhat.com
Thu Jan 5 23:29:35 UTC 2017

> Both ceph and lizard manage this automatically.
> If you want, you can add a single disk to a working cluster and automatically
> the whole cluster is rebalanced transparently with no user intervention

This relates to the granularity problem I mentioned earlier.  As long as
we're not splitting bricks into smaller units, our flexibility to do things
like add a single disk is very limited and the performance impact of
rebalance is large.  Automatically triggering rebalance would avoid a
manual step, but it would just make the pain immediate instead of
prolonged.  ;)  When we start splitting bricks into tiles or bricklets
or whatever we want to call them, a lot of what you talk about will become
more feasible.

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