[Gluster-users] Some questions about GlusterFS and Prod Environment

Riccardo Filippone riccardo.filippone at 3rdi-technology.com
Fri Feb 10 15:09:10 UTC 2017

Hi Doug, first of all, thank you for your reply.

1) Considering 2 Frontends and 2 Gluster FS Nodes, the best practice is to
>> write a different fstab entry for each node?
> I don't see why you'd need that. The only differences you might have would
> be if you're mounting different volumes on different servers.
> You could homogenise that even further by simply using *localhost*
> instead of the server's FQDN.


>> Frontend1 (mount the first gluster node, and the second one as backup
>> volume):
>> gluster1.droplet.com:/app_volume /var/www/html glusterfs
>> defaults,_netdev,backupvolfile-server=gluster2.droplet.com 0 0
>> Frontend2 /etc/fstab (mount the second gluster node, and the first one as
>> backup volume):
>> gluster2.droplet.com:/app_volume /var/www/html glusterfs
>> defaults,_netdev,backupvolfile-server=gluster1.droplet.com 0 0
> On the more recent versions (3.7+ at least), if you're mounting through
> fuse you no longer need to define backup servers, gluster deals with that
> internally. One mount option I would add would be "relatime".

Thank you for this suggestion, so I'm considering to use FUSE now.

> 2) I want to backup every day the volume files. I can run a zip command
>> directly from the gluster node, or I need to mount it on the backup server
>> than run the command? Is there any other good solution to store a backup?
> I don't see it'd make much difference. If it's lots of small files though,
> there could be a performance hit. If it did become an issue, it might be
> more efficient exporting snapshots (assuming your bricks are backed by LVM.
> ZFS would make it even easier).


> 3) Can I share WebApps folder between Tomcat servers? Is there any known
>> issue? (for example putting a .war into the WebApps folder, I think I'll
>> generate some errors due to tomcat war deploying? Anyone have experiences
>> with tomcat and glusterfs shared folders?)
>> 4) Can I use a load balancer software to mount GlusterFS volumes? If YES,
>> is there any benefits?
>  Again, no need. The replica translator does that for you.

Perfect, but I don't understand if it could be a good idea share the
WebApps folder, using a volume (called webapps) for all tomcats (so we can
deploy only one time).

Thank you in advance, on next week, we are going to start the activities :)


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