[Gluster-users] initial pool setup -- bidirectional probe required?

Joseph Lorenzini jaloren at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 11:05:41 UTC 2017


According to the docs, when you initially set up a gluster storage pool,
the first two servers need to probe each other. However, after that, you
add additional servers in by probing from a node that's already in the

However, when I follow the directions with gluster 3.8, the behavior
doesn't seem to match up when I do the initial set up of two nodes. I probe
from server 1 to server 2 but I do not probe from server 2 to server 1. My
expectation would be that either the pool or peer commands would indicate
the server 2 does not  "trust" server 1 but it in fact server 2 just
indicates its successfully connected in a pool and server 1 is a trusted

In addition, if I do a probe from server 2 to server 1, it does not just
say probe success. Instead it says, "probe successful host already in peer

So here are my questions: is this initial probe each server from the other
dance actually required? And if it is, is a there a way to tell through a
command or looking at a log whether that's occurred or not?


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