[Gluster-users] SSD tier experimenting

Sergei Hanus getallad at gmail.com
Mon May 2 07:49:33 UTC 2016

Good day, colleagues.

I'm experimenting with adding tier to gluster volume. The problem I face -
after adding tier, the volume status is stuck "in progress" :

Task Status of Volume data
Task                 : Tier migration
ID                   : 9d3ebf9e-002d-42e7-b7b0-992c3ec378ab
Status               : in progress

Volume without tier is working fine (it's replica 3 volume).

The command I use for adding tier:

gluster> volume tier data attach replica 3 kvm1-lnv.lab:/ssd1/brick1
kvm2-lnv.lab:/ssd1/brick1 kvm3-lnv.lab:/ssd1/brick1
volume attach-tier: success
Tiering Migration Functionality: data: success: Attach tier is successful
on data. use tier status to check the status.
ID: 9d3ebf9e-002d-42e7-b7b0-992c3ec378ab

The version I use is glusterfs 3.7.11 built on Apr 18 2016 13:20:46

If anyone has faced similar issue before, and able to share a solution of
hint - please, asist me in resolving this issue.

Thank you.
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